False Memory


I saw a previous post about false memory and ran across this picture which reminded me of false memory. There are a lot of times where I think I’ve done something but never did (e.g. lock my door, bring my notebook, clock in for work, etc.). An explanation of this could be someone overthinking that they need to do something, that they aren’t sure if it was actually done or not.


2 thoughts on “False Memory

  1. I agree with this post because once I remembered I had a full story to saying that I paid for something that I didn’t. I had the money in my hand but since I was overthinking and trying to multi-task I ended up putting the money away which lead to me to continue with other activities. Since I was able to explain everything I did after “paying” I created this false memory trying to justify that I did. I can relate that we tend to do this with minor things in our life or like the example where people were told they got lost in a mall when they were 6 and some people were able to recall memories of something that didn’t happen.

    -Rosanna Reyes


  2. I definitely relate to this post. So many times when you have a lot on your mind, for example, a paper due on Wednesday, an exam on Thursday,feeding the dog at 5pm, did i even clock out for work yesterday? From overthinking things so much, you forget to do things at the moment. Creating a false memory and believing it. It’s interesting how our minds work.

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