Attention:Choice Blindness

In the picture below, you can see that the person’s first choice was the woman with short hair. We assume that the person choosing, is pretty confident of who they chose. Maybe after a few hours, days or even weeks, the person comes back and is shown the exact same picture, in the exact same order. Now the person chooses the lady on the right with the long hair. This goes to show how choice blindness works, you can be sure of who you picked and a few moments later choose a totally different person. Situations like this happen all the time with eyewitness testimonies.


One thought on “Attention:Choice Blindness

  1. This is interesting because stuff like this happens all the time, especially in eyewitness testimony. Regarding eyewitnesses, it’s crazy to think that an eyewitness can pick out the wrong person and be sure of it too.


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