Inattention Blindness

Hey guys,

I found this great, article on Inattention blindness. Inattention blindness is when you are so focused on something, you fail to recognize things around you. This article shows it in a very simple way. I hope you guys like it !



3 thoughts on “Inattention Blindness

  1. This article is pretty interesting. Just the fact that we all viewed the video in class with people passing around the basketball and the gorilla walking into the scene. Sometimes you’re usually so focused on something like the article says you miss anyone some details. It be nice to view the video in class and see how many of us develop inattention blindness to any changes.


  2. i usually do this a lot. Sometimes I just glaze out when somebody talking to me not paying attention, I mean I could hear them and I’m staring far away. Lol


  3. We actually did see this video in class and I was one of the ones who did not see the gorilla … AT ALL, but to my defense I counted the exact amount of times the ball was passed. It freaked me out so much that I tried it at home with my family and they ALL saw the gorilla but did not get the amount of passings correct.


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