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5 thoughts on “Subway

  1. Thats funny!! I was looking for one and I couldn’t find one. When you’re looking for something it happens to find from you. Now we know which one was the correct one.

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  2. Hey Professor,
    Does this count as a post? Lol

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    • Hmmm – Can you relate it back to what we were learning? Why was this logo in the lecture? What concept does it display?

      A comment reply will make it count! šŸ™‚


  3. This logo was used in the lecture as an example of the picture metaphor. Proving how pictures can become disrupted, but not so much our mental images. Everyone in class struggled to identify the correct logo whether the yellow was on the word “Sub” or “way”. We also had different ideas on where the arrows were located, and the directions in which they pointed from the several logos given. Pictures and mental images differ in many ways.

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