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Today’s lecture was really interesting especially because English is my second language. I want to share my personal story about language. I moved here when I was 11 years old, and learning English was a huge challenge for me. Before moving here, I didn’t really think language can or would be an obstacle for me. For six years, I was in ESL classes, but I never used that opportunity to learn grammar thoroughly. When I talk or see writings of people who were actually born here, their writing is worse than mine, which makes me feel proud of myself in a way. I had such difficult time holding the simplest conversations. I had to translate everything I heard into my language before I understood what I was hearing or what I was trying to say. After these short ten years, I still sometimes feel like my accent comes out, and I can’t pronounce some words properly. But then again, it’s not just me. I remind myself that English might seem like an easy language, but it really isn’t. The interesting thing about English langue is that there are only 40 sounds. You can combine those sounds into many different words. There are so many words in English that are same thing and has different meanings. Some words are spelled the same way but pronounced differently. That confuses people and makes it difficult for newcomers to learn the language.


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  1. I thought this post was interesting because one of my friends whom English is his second language has a pet peeve for people with terrible grammer. He believes that when someone makes a grammatical errors they are not as smart as others. My belief is that because English a second language to someone they are more conscious to not make mistakes in order to avoid embarassment, where as people who speak English are not as conscious. English is also a difficult language because the value or definition of words is often shifted and changed depending on context. New words are also added to the English dictionary every year.

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  2. This is a really interesting post because as English is my second language for myself as well, I understand what you have been through. Although my English is still not perfect, I have no problem in understanding and communicating in English. Truly, ESL class helps you with grammar, but in my opinion, a best way of English acquisition is to use those skills learnt in ESL classes and actively engage in communications with peers. Cognitively, I believe this is related to behaviorism and retention of memory.

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