How and Why Mental Imaging Works

Hello Everyone,

I found a video of a man named Jerry Epstein explaining why and how mental imaging works.It may not be a good video but I like the examples that he that shows how people’s mental images of certain things makes them feel or their body like they actually did that activity. The video is kind of long but spirituality aside, it is easy to understand what he is saying if you really pay attention. The examples that he gives are related to visual mental imaging because some of the people in his examples see a visual image before they make a mental image.  In the examples that he gives some of the people in the different experiments are told to imagine themselves doing something to see if they feel the effects of doing it. At the end of the experiment they actually feel like they did what they were told to imagine. For example towards the end, Jerry says that there was an experiment where there was three people and three bowls of M&M’s. He says in one bowl there was about 30 M&M’s, in another bowl there was about 10 M&M’s and in the last bowl there was about 3 M&M’s.The people in this experiment were told to imagine themselves eating the bowl in front of them with their eyes closed. The one who had 30 M&M’s eventually said they were full because they had 30 M&M’s.