Are bilinguals really smarter?

Hey Guys,

I found an interesting article about the differences between monolingual and bilingual people. I think people who are bilingual do have a lot more information and concept processing advantages. When I’m studying for an exam I always find myself using Spanish words to remember things more easily. When I first started learning English I thought it would make my life hell, I thought I was going to be massively confused by the two languages.

– Isbely Cabral 🙂


2 thoughts on “Are bilinguals really smarter?

  1. Hey! This is really interesting! I use to get so confused when I used to study French, Spanish and Latin at the same time, because there are many similar words so I used to misspell words. I guess this happened because I had just started learning them, but now,after few years it’s becoming more interesting because I am able to understand the origins of these languages.

    Giulia 🙂


  2. I really liked this article as well because for some reason people have the notion that if you know and speak two languages well then you are considered more smarter when the article states that’s not true. The only thing that’s affected is executive function. And the sentence that struck me as cool was, “when less developed executive function also makes adolescents more reckless.” I was like wow!


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