Grammar is important!


Hey! I know I often post pictures but I find them really funny and easy to understand. So many times when i talk to my friends or even when I read “Facebook Status Update”, I realize how many people misspell words or just use them incorrectly even though they know the right ones.

I think that the society shapes us and changes our common and informal language to make it more communicative and immediate. When we read advertisings that manipulate words or use them in the wrong way, we get use to it and start to use some of those sentences in our speaking as well.

Anyway, I often find myself in a situation similar to the one in the picture both in English and my native language, Italian. So many times people use verbs the in wrong way, and I can still not understand why!

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3 thoughts on “Grammar is important!

  1. I like that comic you have attached! It’s really funny. As English is not my native language, I must admit I often make mistakes. But I often get surprised by the fact that native English speakers also make mistakes. Like it is depicted in the comic, I sometimes get annoyed by basic grammatical errors. I guess grammar lessons from ESL work effectively after all.

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  2. I think this is really funny and a lot of us can relate. Not everyone speak according to correct grammar. Many of us speak to one another in ways that we all understand and in slangs. I think growing up in New York some people have an accent and that’s what distinguish us New Yorkers. Anywhere I go they always ask me if I’m from NY. They say yes I can tell by how you speak.


  3. This is truly funny. I can honestly say that I am American and English is my only language but that doesn’t mean anything. My sister tells me all the time that I don’t make sense at what I’m saying or writing. I’m not afraid to admit to it neither(lol).

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