Griceans Maxims in Big Bang theory

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In this episode of the Big Bang theory, they explain the importance of Maxims Theory. Instead of hitting the books trying to memorize it for Wedesdays test, watch this video. I hope you all find it easier. Stay well!

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2 thoughts on “Griceans Maxims in Big Bang theory

  1. The maxim of quantity, Sheldon is very informative when Leonard asks him if that is ketchup on the table He gave as much information he could.
    The maxim of quality, Leonard tells Sheldon to lie if any of the others ask where Leonard is. However according to the theory he didn’t completely lie because he gave them the information that was told to him.
    The maxim of relation, Penny used her car keys to open her apartment door, while Sheldon trying to help and communicating to her relevantly to why and how the key isn’t working in the key hole.
    Sheldon want to build a road, he tries to be clear about building it, he says he needs wood to build the road, while trying to avoid weirdness in the situation, he being very clear. Although very funny.
    You chose a great example for visual memorizing and relating to psychology.

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  2. I also think this video did a great job in pointing out the characteristics of the Maxims of conversation with the clips from the show. I agree with with vreyes says. I also wanted to add that for the maxim of quality that Sheldon did follow the rule since it says to be truthful or make it known when you are being sarcastic.I think he was trying to be sarcastic with the hand gesture but no one really cared so they just assumed what he said was true even though it was a lie and didn’t question him.

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