Exercises in Critical and Creative Thinking

Hello Everyone,

I found an article that has a review of some of the things we covered in class for chapter 10. Such as Mental sets, functional fixedness, the means-end analysis and a few other things. The article goes on about other things that we have not discussed in class but i think it is good information to know because it touches on critical thinking methods. If you only want to look at some of the things we learned from class then you could stop after the “a systematic approach to thinking” section, it touches on the incubation effect from  chapter 10. I like the example that is given for mental sets because even I was tricked. I didn’t get the correct answer because I assumed it was something else even though the correct answer is just as logical.


One thought on “Exercises in Critical and Creative Thinking

  1. I really liked this article and it helped me to better understand the concepts of mental set, functional fixedness, and problem solving. The examples they gave in the article were also fun and made me think. I didn’t get the answers right either but after finding out the answers it was really simple and not as complicated as I made it out to be.


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