Taking control of the mind!


This image is telling us how we are in complete control of our own minds. Even when negative thoughts are running through the brain. The image displays a body holding it’s head (in control of it’s mind), dumping negative thoughts in a hole. You can change the way you think.


5 thoughts on “Taking control of the mind!

  1. When I was scrolling through the blog, this picture caught my attention. It’s really cool how they portrayed dumping negative thoughts in a hole in this picture and how we can change the way we think. We often don’t realize that we can have control over our brains if we allow it even though it may seem like we can’t.


  2. I agree with the previous comment and it is true we are in control of our own mind and our thoughts. But how about those people who are suffering from depression? It is extremely difficult for them to get rid of all that negativity that they have formed. I wonder what scientists who study thinking have to say about people who have depression.


  3. This is really great! Even though we are not always aware of how much we can control our mind! I wish I could do that more often!
    Giulia 🙂


  4. We truly are in control of our thoughts. I read an article once that explained how we can stop a negative thought once it has already emerged in our minds. I’ve experimented with attempting to stop repetitive negative thoughts from persisting and it feels as though I am conducting a technique redirection of my thoughts. We have so much power over an organ that controls us, it is amazing.

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  5. I love this. This is definitely something everyone can relate too. But as to others, some people can’t seem to empty the negative because of fear. Fear that wonders through our mind and thoughts. Sort of similar to language being a part of our thoughts. We say but we don’t think. Or is it the opposite? Lol


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