Interesting Things About Language

In this video, it talks about theories of language and cognition. When we translate words from one language to another, the words do not translate exactly the same. Universalism is when thoughts come before language. This means that your thoughts dictate the language that is to be developed and it also influences the language. Piaget believed that once children were able to think in a certain way, then they developed the language to describe those thoughts. On the other hand, Vygotsky thought that language and thought are different,  but they converge through development. Linguistic Determinism refers to how much influence language has on thoughts. Weak Linguistic Determinism says that language influences thought, while strong Linguistic Determination says that language determines thoughts completely.


One thought on “Interesting Things About Language

  1. That was a really good article and it was also very interesting. In my developmental psychology class we are currently learning about language and what Piaget and Vygotsky both thought about it. According to Piaget he believed that learning language is something we are born with knowing and that our brain is born with this information. Vygotsky on the other hand believed that language is learned through social interaction.


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