The problem solving loop

Hey guys!

I thought this illustration is just a simple way to help solve a problem. We do it everyday whether its deciding what train or road to take when getting to a destination. You learn through trial and error and from mistakes. 


3 thoughts on “The problem solving loop

  1. This is an amazing picture now that I am reviewing for the exam tonight. It briefly tells us step by step how problem solving works. I really like how they have visuals instead of the textbooks information of just being plain verbose. This also reminds me of the 7 scientific research methods. Thank You!


  2. I like this graphic because it is clear cut simplistic about the step by step process our brain takes in order to execute a orderly actions to solve a complex experience.


  3. I think everyone can relate and say that many are visual learners. Sometimes learning something verbally can effect the way we learn. Everything in picture makes it easier to learn and understand. Definitely can relate to class as well as our exam for today. Good luck!!!


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