Differences between Deductive & Inductive Reasoning

In class yesterday, I was a bit confused of the differences between deductive and inductive decision. As I searched the web, I came across this decision tree, and it gave me a clear definition of the two. I hope this helps you all, as well! Enjoy

Julio C Rodriguez


2 thoughts on “Differences between Deductive & Inductive Reasoning

  1. I really like how this breaks down deductive and inductive reasoning. I was also a bit confused about the differences between these two. This diagram makes it easier for us to understand. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. This diagram is a perfect example to separate both methods of reasoning and explain them both. Inductive can be either valid or invalid depending on what it is trying to prove. In Deductive the theory can be strong or weak in order to reach a conclusion. Distinctions in Inductive are that they are sound or unsound, where in Deductive this are cogent or uncogent.

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