Factors That Influence Decision Making

There are a lot of reasons that influence our decision-making. One of the most common factor is past experiences. When we go through something, our perception completely changes after that time. Whether it was a good experience or bad experience, it will still stand in the way of your decision-making. Let’s say you’ve had a few bad breakups with a several good guys. Now, you thinking that it may not be them, it’s just you. Therefore, the next time a guy asks you out, you’ll probably find a million excuses not to go out with him. That’s an example of a bad experience. On the other hand, if something positive results from a decision, you’re more likely to make that similar decision again. ON a website while reading about this topic, It stated that, “Cognitive biases are thinking patterns based on observations and generalizations that may lead to memory errors, inaccurate judgments, and faulty logic” (Evans, Barston, & Pollard, 1983; West, Toplak, & Stanovich, 2008).