Piaget’s Pre-operational Stage (2-7 yrs old)

Hey guys

I found this video of a child in the pre-operational stage being tested on Piaget’s conservation task. It was so cute. My 4 yr old niece was sitting on my lap and we both watched this video and I tested her as well. She got most of them right and a few of these tasks wrong. So its clear that she has not passed this pre-operational stage yet. Enjoy!


One thought on “Piaget’s Pre-operational Stage (2-7 yrs old)

  1. This post is interesting and I tried it with my nephew who is five years old and I tried the experiment in which I had two cups of juice filled with the same amount in two short glasses. He informed me both had the same amount of juice I then took a much taller and slim glass cup and asked him if they still have the same amount he said no. I said if he had to choose from the two which one will he take and he preferred the taller glass. I then tried to explain to him I never poured more juice in the glass and based on what he saw he was convinced the taller glass had more juice. This relates to Piaget’s preoperational stage because he showed egocentrism. What he thought and saw was completely right to him even though I tried to explain they both had the same. He was unable to see my point of view in which is best described in this stage.

    -Rosanna Reyes


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