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When professor Hurson lectured about setting goals it made me think of a paper I had to write for one of my other classes on setting a goal. And it was actually easy and different from other papers I have written throughout college. The first step was to create a general goal which is for example to exercise more. The goal has to be realistic and has to be met within a certain time frame, for example “I want to reach this goal at the end of the spring semester or I want to start this goal at the end of this semester.” Then the next step was to create a sub-goal (make it more specific) for example, “I would like to have a better abdominal figure.” Then you would create steps on how you would get there and map out the time you spend exercising in order to reach that goal. Some other factors we had to consider was why we wanted to do that specific goal and who would it benefit and realize what was getting in our way of achieving that goal. This was a very complex assignment but I enjoyed doing it and believe it or not I started to exercise and feel great.

I found this article from Forbes magazine that describes 4 simple goal setting ideas. Enjoy!


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  1. Goals are amazing little things. They can push you to achieve things that you wouldn’t ever believe you could do. The keys to goals are understanding that there are short term and long term ones. Make a long term goal (graduating college, getting a career, etc) and then add short term ones (studying, internships, etc) to help you achieve whatever long term goal you set. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel. afterwords. Like Napoleon (the french general, not the idiot from that movie) once said, “Our greatest victories, and the ones which are most enduring, are the victories over ourselves.”


  2. I agree with this post, with every goal that is made there are sub-goals that are created in which will help someone pursue it. This reminds me of something I’ve heard “after doing something for 21 days it becomes a habit” I feel like it’s something our mind and body has to adjust to in order to act upon. It’s one of the reason why people go to school, work or work out. It starts off as a goal whether it’s to make more money, lose weight, graduate college etc. The sub-goals are steps in order to accomplish the main goals.

    -Rosanna Reyes


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