Why we make bad decisions when we’re in love…

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I find people who are in love so annoying!! My friends can never make a decision by themselves and then when they do it’s not what they really want to do (or what I want to do more importantly) I’ve always asked myself why? In this article they talk about how different chemicals in our brain when we’re in love make us make bad decisions.

– Isbely Cabral 🙂


3 thoughts on “Why we make bad decisions when we’re in love…

  1. I find people who are in love annoying too! This article is funny because while reading it, I thought to myself how it all makes sense now as to why people act weird when they are attracted to someone.

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  2. I find it funny when people find people in love annoying, mainly because one day they will all be acting the exact same way. Humans strive for a sense of complete connection with someone, and that term is what we’ve described as love. I haven’t felt that yet, but i sure as hell want to at some point. very interesting post.

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  3. I liked this article and I did not know about a lot of these things, everything that was said made sense and I agreed with it. I kind of related this to myself and the previous bad relationship I was in, and after reading this article I am now more aware and more conscious about what is going on. I also think it has to do with age, maturity, and experience as well. You basically learn from past mistakes.

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