What do babies think?

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I found this really interesting Ted Talk by Alison Gopnik about what is going on in a baby’s mind. She talks about an experiment she did with 15 and 18 month-old babies, to figure out if they understood other people. it was very interesting! She found that even though there’s only a 3 month difference between the 15 and 18 month old babies, the 18 month old already had a more developed concept about how other people feel.

-Isbely Cabral 🙂


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  1. That is interesting. I would never assume that babies would develop a concept about how others feel.

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  2. Pretty amazing how our brain works. We all start out as fertilized eggs and develop into the intelligent ( well….some of us 🙂 ) beings that we are today. The evolution of our brain is something we are just figuring out scientifically, and we have a long way to go. Think about how much we will know in another 100 years….(que twilight zone music….)

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  3. That is very interesting. It’s good that babies not even a year old can develop concepts about how the people around them feel. This is a great example of how the sensorimoter stage comes into play because one of the ways they learn is by hearing and looking at things or people.I wonder if the bond that the infants had with the people that the people who they could understand their feelings came into play with this study too.

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    • I actually learned this in my other Psy class..babies can learn anything that we learn. There brain is actually bigger and at one they tend to learn everything faster until the age 5 when there brain slows down. This is interesting to know.

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  4. Thank you for posting this. It was really interesting. It’s truly amazing how a baby is able to develop concepts about how other people feel about them. You wouldn’t think that when you are around a baby, but they’re constantly watching and learning.

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