Availability Heuristics

I thought this picture was funny as well as a good example of availability heuristics. For example, in this picture this guy is underestimating the Ebola virus as I’m sure most of the U.S population did at that time. The media has a strong effect on availability heuristics.


3 thoughts on “Availability Heuristics

  1. I think you mean he is overestimating the Ebola Virus. The news media today is practically useless with its bias coverage on what they believe will get higher ratings. You are right though, most of the population crazy enough to watch cable news literally thought they would die getting ebola during that time. This picture is amazing because the chances of getting ebola are extememlyyyyyyyyyy small, but we know for a fact that drinking alcohol, smoking, and eating unhealthy everyday will ACTUALLY kill you and no one says a word.

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    • I think this is a good post, it’s funny cause this is my Mothers reaction when Ebola came about. Everything was unhealthy and bad and this was just the perception that the media was giving us.


  2. this is a good example but yes i think you meant overestimating. and good way to explain heuristics.


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