Deductive Reasoning


I saw this picture and I thought it was really fun. This is how deductive reasoning works and in particular syllogistic reasoning. I find this topic really fascinating because when we think about it at first we might think it always works or at least most of the time. In this case even though both premises are true- penguins are black and white as well as old TV shows- we immediately realize that they not always lead to valid conclusions.

Giulia 🙂


3 thoughts on “Deductive Reasoning

  1. The cartoon above is perfect example to deductive reasoning and how are logic doesn’t always lead to valid conclusions as you stated. The penguin is comparing itself to a black and white television. In deductive reasoning logic can often lead to right or wrong answers. In this case we can see he was clearly wrong lol

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  2. wow perfect example, helps me understand better


  3. lol this is cute 🙂 its such a great example that deductive reasoning does not always lead to a “correct” answer – there is so much more to reasoning!

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