Setting Goals

funny-its-good-to-have-goals-memeJust like the picture says, when it comes to setting goals you must start somewhere, even if it seems extremely easy.  It will be like those Pringles commercials. Once you start with small goals you wont be able to stop!  This dog obviously wanted to be a world champion high jumper and I have no doubt that if he continues to work at it, we might be crowning him as a doggy Olympian one day.


2 thoughts on “Setting Goals

  1. I think we all have goals that we want to accomplish whether is getting good grades, keeping a good GPA or living a healthy lifestyle. I believe anything you put your mind to you can definitely achieve. This is actually great motivation if you in the gym lol I don’t want to look like the pig, even he trying to work out on his jumping

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  2. This is a cute picture. Needless to say, with some people once they start goes it is hard to actually proceed with it, especially when they have a lot going on in their life. However, sooner or later they will go for their goals. Everybody is just different.


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