Final Summary Blog Post

Cognitive Psychology is literally good for everything because we need to have these basic understanding of how our cognitions work. There are a lot things that I found interesting, learned about in this course. I have attention problem, so whenever I was not able to pay attention in class, I would usually come home and watch videos, or read articles to understand some of the topics. One of my favorite topic was Divided attention, specifically multitasking because we do this literally every day. Being a very busy New Yorker, we are experts at multitasking. We walk, talk, eat, listen to music, text, and smile to a stranger all at once. We sometimes don’t even realize it. But when it comes to really acknowledging what we’re doing, we have to pay attention to one task. Paying proper attention to what we’re doing is very important because that attention determines whether we’re actually going be able to remember what we’re doing or not. Attention regulates what gets learned and gets coded into a memory for future use. So I’ve learned the consequences of multitasking and I am still trying make changes because multitasking in affecting all of us negatively even though we don’t realize it. Another topic that I really enjoyed learning about was Change Blindness. I’ve never thought about something like change blindness before taking this class. It’s amazing how we don’t notice when a person/object is replaced. Although we might think it’s a bad thing to not notice these changes, our brain is actually doing what it is supposed to. It’s focusing on the meaning of a scene, rather than all the small, irrelevant details of it.I have explained this the same way before, but I honestly learned a lot of material in this class. I would probably need to write an essay to list them all in here.