Neurological Development

I found a very visual video explaining how a baby’s brain develops. Watch the whole thing, I promise you’ll enjoy it, somewhat. As we all know, the brain of a child continues to develop during the first four years. Development of object permanence matches with peak development of prefrontal cortex. It’s amazing how a part of a baby’s brain contains about 10 thousand nerve cells. Even though their brains starts to develop in the womb, we might wonder how exactly it’s formed. According to this video, the brain begins to wind itself by following a precisely specified genetic blueprint. When a child learns to read, even a single letter set of a complex series of reactions. The brain then starts focusing its attention to on the reading task itself, and then sends visual representations and then it processes until the material gets learned. Children have twice as many connections in the brain than adults. That’s why they’re constantly learning.


2 thoughts on “Neurological Development

  1. it was creepy to watch the baby inside and to think that children are new to the world yet thinking so much about what goes on around them.


  2. i think this is so cool. Babies are actually a lot smarter than us adults because there brains are much bigger and takes in a lot more information than what we can remember. This is why babies imitate what we do and learn things faster.


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