Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

Hello Everyone,

I found a website that shows a cool interactive video explaining a little bit about each different type of intelligence. You have to click the arrow to see each new slide. The creators of this video talk about each type of intelligence by stating the name, giving a brief definition of it, showing pictures, or videos that describe the specific type of intelligence, then showing the types of jobs each person in category can get with that specific intellect and how students with the specific intellect displays them in  a classroom.

The video ends with a quote from Howard Gardner saying “I made a deliberate attempt to write about “multiple intelligences” : “multiple” to stress an unknown number of separate human capacities, ranging from musical intelligence to the intelligence involved in understanding oneself. It is a pluralistic view of mind recognizing many different facets of cognition, acknowledging that people have different cognitive strengths and contrasting cognitive styles. In my view the purpose of school should be to develop goals that are appropriate to their particular spectrum of intelligences. People who are helped to do so, i believe, feel more engaged and competent, and therefore more inclined to serve society in a constructive way.”