Final Summary Blog Post

During the course of this semester we have discussed concepts that are important in various ways to our cognitive development. Some have been extremely interesting and play a factor in our everyday lives. One important concept that we have discussed is the structure of language. Though we may take language for granted and file it away as something that is an automatic understanding it is the way we communicate with one another. Knowing how to put a sentence together (syntax) and associating meaning with sentences (semantics) are some of the foundations of our oral interactions with others. I found brain plasticity also to be an important concept. The ability for the brain to change physically, functionally and chemically throughout life in order to adapt to the current situation so to speak is amazing. In a hemispherectomy, where half of the brain is removed and the remaining hemisphere is able to adapt to the new structure, many people are able to function normally as someone with both hemispheres. Inattentional blindness was a concept that I found very relatable. The mere fact that we are focused on one thing and completely miss another can be classified as an almost everyday occurrence for most. Though one of our last discussions regarding Individual differences is evident I think it is important to keep that in mind. We are individuals who develop differently and at our own pace. There is no template that we must follow. While many of these concepts hold truth and we look to them for explanations and understanding, no two people are the same.