“Boys are better in math”

I can related to this stereotype, growing up my mother always sent me to dance and music lessons whereas with my brother even though she tried to put him in several sporty activities she mostly focused on keeping him in math tutoring lessons. Granted, my brother and I have a 10 year difference and my mother might have realized that getting tutoring is more important than dance and music (which btw I never succeeded in) but I feel that this stereotype that “boys are better in math” affected not only my way of growing up but many other children.



One thought on ““Boys are better in math”

  1. I say…MATH FOR EVERYONE!!! Being a male, I vividly remember my father making me do math problems from an early age. Our society is preoccupied with this notion that the sexes have specific “duties”. Society is wrong. Luckily, with women becoming a much larger factor in everything from science to engineering to CEO’s, we should see these stupid generalizations even out in the not so distant future.


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