Overconfidence Error

The overconfidence error is leads people to make bad decisions and stick to them even when they know that what they are doing is leading them down the wrong path. This short article talks about students and investors that have attributed they capabilities as far higher than what they can actually achieve. Students think they are above average while investor make terrible investments a lose loads of money. In order to break this cycle a person has to be honest in what they can achieve and asses themselves truthfully.


One thought on “Overconfidence Error

  1. Everyone suffers from overconfidence errors. Being human means being overconfident. We all think we are better looking, smarter, etc than our fellow human beings. If everyone just stopped acting like they are the king and queens of the world, then maybe this human fault could began to decrease. Being confident in something if fine, just keep that confidence at a minimum and keep it to yourself!


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