Final Summary: Batsu JapaInese Game Show (Counting by 10’s in English)

This video is an example of how different cultures count numbers. What’s being demonstrated is a game show called “Batsu”. They speak and count in english, while not laughing at the person whose turn it is to speak or count.

The whole idea of the game is for the participants in the game not to laugh. As in the old MTV game show “Silent Library”. In “Silent Library” the participants are penalized for laughing in other ways and aren’t suppose to take the prank personal, likewise in “Batsu”. This type of game show is categorized as physical humor.

In my opinion, they are both brutal. However, I think that “Batsu” is arbitrary; If you google search “Japanese Batsu Games” you’ll see that there os a higher level of brutality and the objective that people laugh at someone getting spanked or hurt is what makes it battier. Anyone’s cultural way of counting can be strange to someone who doesn’t know about the culture. The participant counts in 10’s after the number 20: 30 would be, ten, ten, ten. When he says “ten, ten, ten, ten, ect..”  and his reactions when he is reading is what makes the game humorous.

With this lecture I have learned that there are many varieties of things that we can apply to psychology and research deeper into what some may or may not consider abstract but a reality and interesting things about the world around us. Below I posted videos of “Silent Library” in the original Japanese and the American format, if anyone hasn’t viewed and that would like more insight of different cultures or the game.

Japanese format:

American format: