Cross-Cultural Differences in Tying of Shoes.

In the video below, you will see the differences in how people from different cultures tie their shoes. They’ve gathered five people from different countries such as Bulgaria, USA, Italy, and China. The differences amused me because I didn’t think that culture had anything to do with the way people tie their shoes, however it does.


Julio C Rodriguez


2 thoughts on “Cross-Cultural Differences in Tying of Shoes.

  1. That’s pretty cool, my favorite was Han from China. His method was fast sleek and simple. Although yes, these people come from different countries it’s hard for me to believe that they all tie there shoes differently because of culture. I would say its more to due with preference and who taught them or maybe how they taught themselves šŸ™‚


  2. This video reminded me of a time when I was in the scouts. My scout master had family in some western European country like Ukraine or something like that. Anyhow they have a version of the boy scouts over there too, so one year we had a camping trip together. We each were paired up with a buddy from the other nation. When putting up our tent, which to me went up one way apparently was only one option. From what poles they put in first to how they tied down ropes to were and how they chose to stake down the tent was just different. instead of starting bottom up they started from top down. I actually watched others put up their tents and was just intrigued how much stuff we did on this trip that had the same outcome just different methods.


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