Gender Differences: In Cognitive abilities, Emotional Behavior, & Mating.

Here is an explanation of the differences in gender. It goes to break down the differences in female and male characteristic behaviors. Keep in mind that these gender differences are not in inherent to differences in sex. These differences are the result of social conditioning, into the roles that men and women should play in society. These gender differences are based on the social norms that have developed over time and have become more socially acceptable in today’s society.


Julio C Rodriguez


2 thoughts on “Gender Differences: In Cognitive abilities, Emotional Behavior, & Mating.

  1. Interesting chart. While i realize these are social differences and may be a general way of thinking, they seem to be extremely stereotypical. Ive seen plenty of men who are anxious, depressed, cooperative and friendly, just like I’ve seen plenty of women who are competitive, assertive and engage in risky behavior. Same goes for the other two categories, where Im sure more people would be able to think of someone they know who engages in activity or thought processes that counter this chart. Unfortunately this “idea” that society “controls” how people should act is never going away, but it should be redefined.


  2. Ima have to agree with buddy above me. There are many men who can relate to a women in the sense that they tend to be emotional and very depress,and over caring. Not every men pose a strong demeanor and attitude. Also I know men who are way smarter than women in math and good grades. I think men and women are alike in every thing we do and feel. I think it just depend on your cultural background and the way you was raise.


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