Evolution of Language

This picture really made me laugh. Then it got me thinking, how did their grunts turn into words? Then words into bigger words, to sentences and to be able to tell stories without pictures. Not only that, why do we have words we can’t even say, like antidisestablishmentarianism. Yet we can’t come up with words for certain feelings so we adopt other another languages word. I must admit, sometimes I wish I could put the bubble over someone’s head and then maybe I’ll actually understand what they say. By the way…antidisestablishmentarianism is really a word. I admit, I had to Google how to spell it though. Lost track after ment.


2 thoughts on “Evolution of Language

  1. Now that you say it language is a very complex event we take for granted. Many animals communicate bird, dogs, fish. It would be really intresting to understand how grunts and moans turned into broken down words and sentences. I mean my dog communicate all the time with out using words. The communication between the two is enough for them to figure out how to open my fridge. trust me its a tag team effort, I always catch them because they either growl at each other or start trying to communicate because one or the other isn’t listing


  2. I believe there is no one straight answer to evolution of language. As we have learned, humans use language to communicate, but not all communications are language. You said we adopt words from another language because we can’t come up with words for certain feelings. Then where did that word in another language come from? From your logic, that word must have come from another language as well. Then what is the very first language human started to speak? Further studies need to be done.


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