Gender Differences

Is this accurate? I don’t believe it is completely true. Yes we a biologically different but I don’t think gender makes a difference. I’m pretty sure I can find a man that can knit and I can find a woman that can operate a wrecking ball. Gender differences is such a hard topic because like the professor said we can’t assign someone a sex so how are gender difference really studied? There would be no controlled group in an experiment without being able to control the subject. I would like to see a man knitting as much as I would like to see women haul lumber. I don’t think our biological make-up gives us better trait for certain jobs. I think experience is what gives a person better trait.


One thought on “Gender Differences

  1. This is a cute picture. Outside of cognitive psychology, I don’t think that sexes are equally. With certain jobs, it is hard for a woman to get because some might think a woman can not handle it or they prefer to work with a man. With some, women are not taking serious because they are not a man. For instance, when a woman goes and buy a car, a car dealer ship will try to take advantage of a woman and overcharge her because they figure that women do not know much about car prices or cars period. Nevertheless, this would not happen to a man.


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