Situated Cognition

This picture is an easy way of understanding situated cognition. I definitely believe that the way a task is understood is dependent on the surroundings it is within. As an EMT, I may have learned skills in a classroom, but I became a better EMT by actually working on an ambulance. I became better at working under pressure and was able to research more information on things I didn’t understand. I can take the most intelligent doctor in the world and put him on an ambulance and he would have not nearly enough skill to work the way we do.


One thought on “Situated Cognition

  1. I most definitely agree! I am an optician and yes the information I learned in school came in very useful in the beginning of my career; although, was I rely on now is my experience. I support the situated cognition hypothesis because I too experience it. No matter how much anyone can study a subject they can never be proficient in it until they practice and gain valuable experience.


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