Sunk Cost Effect

This picture shows exactly what sunk costs effects are. It is so true. I even do that with my house plants because I am so attached to them. Even when they are dead, I talk to them and continue to water them because I believe I am helping the dead plant. It is true that I feel like I’m saving something that is dead which validates the fact that I am not capable of killing a ridiculous plant. Needless to say, I stopped buying them.


One thought on “Sunk Cost Effect

  1. Sunk cost effect really is one of the most helpful truest theories that I have learned in my time being a psychology student. The fact that someone simply helped me understand why it is OK to quit before you finish was just mind boggling. In truth I went to another college and practiced criminal justice as my major and half way through realized I was better off taking psychology for the job I want. Once i switched to john jay I finally realized how much extra money I was spending just because I didn’t want to drop criminal justice as a major. The sunk cost fallacy really helped me get through to myself that quitting now will hurt me less in the long run than sticking through it.


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