The Mind’s Eye & Internal Imagery

This video describes a guy becoming fully blind and after a while, he accepted it, causing him to focus on other senses, such as; touching and hearing.  Additionally, it talks about comments from other blind individuals.  For instance; a man stating that even though he is blind, he can still see his hands as he type.  In addition to, a blind male stating that even though he can not see, he is a very good visualizer.


2 thoughts on “The Mind’s Eye & Internal Imagery

  1. This i find so interesting especially because of the type of volunteering work I used to do with my old school. At saint Thomas Aquinas they have a large program for blind people. I helped the kids find their way to their classes in the beginning of the semester. This one kid Felix who really liked me had been blind since he was about six so he to accepted it and developed his other senses. We used to meet in the schools office for disabilities so I could help him get to class. I swear before even entering the room he would know I had arrived. One time in a lecture hall I had been attending, I had accidentally held on to his book for class. He walked though the class and tapped me on the shoulder before I even knew he was there. I once asked him how he could sense me before I even saw him. He said its because i keep wearing the same crappy cologne.


    • Hahaha, this made me laugh. Blind individuals are really smart and the way they learn with their senses is truly amazing.


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