Confirmation Bias

Here’s a short video on confirmation bias: it reminds me of the Bank of America ATM next door to my job, people are constantly  getting stuck inside! (but that’s beside the point).

Confirmation bias is a thought process that goes on making us think we are always correct. We also form opinions without hearing all sides of the story and learning all details. And as we all know that’s not the best way to make judgments. It is important to stay clear of forming a solid judgment of a situation before learning all about it that you possibly can. This is why we also “cannot judge a book by its cover”


3 thoughts on “Confirmation Bias

  1. Many people try and make fast judgement calls when they hear about or see a situation. They often do not listen to both sides of the story. I learned a long time ago there are three sides to many issues; side one side two and the truth.


  2. I agree with your post. I’ve gone through confirmation bias before. But now with after our psychology class, I’ve been able to learn ways to stay away from it. It is always good to drop judgements and never judge a book by its cover.


  3. I agree that confirmation bias is something everyone has done in their life. We believe that our point of view is right and every evidence that leads to our assumption in the beginning leads to the conclusion being correct. It’s not good to always go through confirmation bias because no other thoughts or ideas are taken to account when analyzing something. It’s good to keep an open mind!

    -Rosanna Reyes


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