Final Blog Post

Overall, I thought this class was very interesting and I learned a lot of interesting concepts that I never heard of before until now. Every time I learned something new and unheard of before I would go home and tell my boyfriend about it and also tell the kids at my job about what I learned as well. I enjoy sharing what I have learned and I hope to keep and remember these concepts . Because there are so many concepts that were taught in this class I feel that the eyewitness identification lecture and the reasoning and decision making lecture are helpful and important to know in our everyday lives.

I feel that the eyewitness identification lecture is important because as a criminal justice major it is essential to know about how popular eyewitness identification is in court proceedings. I had no previous knowledge about this until this semester and was amazed at how so many innocent people can be doing time because an eyewitness misidentified them. I feel that at some point we or someone we know may be in a situation where they witness a crime and are questioned by police. It’s so easy to see how our memory isn’t that great and how we can create false memories. Because I now know more about this topic I can share to friends and family about this trending topic.

Another concept in reasoning and decision making I found to affect our everyday life is anchoring. We use it and see it everyday. An example that I found on to be easier to understand is when a mother and daughter go shopping. The daughter finds a pair of jeans for $149.00 and tells her mother how bad she needs these jeans. A sales associate comes along and states that those jeans are on sale. Her mother is hesitant. How do you know how much you should pay for these jeans and how do you know if its a deal or a rip off? According to the anchoring effect you need a reference point. The reference point for the daughter are the jeans on sale for $149. However, mom’s reference point is different because at some point she remembers purchasing a pair of jeans for at least $50. Stores and advertisers use this anchoring effect all the time. So next time you shop remember about the anchoring effect.