Final Blog Post

This semester in cognitive psychology we have learned a great deal of information that we can carry over into our careers and apply to everyday life. Chapter nine was all about language, how people learn language and how they understand it. This chapter was most useful in my opinion because when using interpersonal skills that we learned are apart of Howard Gardeners eight intelligences, from chapter 13, dictates our ability to communicate with others well. Understanding how to speak to people can create a path for you that leads to success or it can destroy that path. Under the topic of pragmatic there were five utterances that helped you decide on the best way to deliver you’re sentences so that they can be present it in a way that will best assist you. An expressive utterance can be said in many ways however, there is one way that is best ” I believe that this topic is most beneficial for this group in order to achieve the highest grade possible” this phrase is an expressive utterances that alleviates the speaker from total responsibility yet, motivates the group to trust in the statement. When you interacting with others its best to learn how to say something so that you’re point comes across clearly, you educe the appropriate emotion in you’re audience, and that you the speaker feel confident and safe with you’re statement. Interpersonal skills and the five utterances go hand in hand within today’s society because it is not always what you know but who you know through you’re everyday interactions. If you speak to others in a clear concise and meaningful way with statements that evoke confidence and honesty you will travel very far in life.

I believe that this cognitive psychology course has helped me learn how important psychology is not just to those who choose to make a career out of it but, to people who needed to know the best way to promote and project themselves to there colleagues, professionals, and peers.