Cognitive psychology was defiantly one of my favorite classes this semester. I loved how the professor taught us. She got us to engage in the subject and i learned more than i expected too. I learned how to use WordPress, which i never expected to do and i actually liked it. I didn’t mind posting here every week. And each post i made, made me learn something new. It made me look deeper into the topic i was exploring and i feel i have a better grasp on certain topics in this field of area. This class was overall pretty great but my favorite topic in this class was learning about false memory. I think it’s fascinating how people can conjure up a memory that never really happened. It makes you think, how many of our memories actually happened and how many of them are made up. This blows a hole in the eye witness testimony that our legal system is so fond of. What we see may not be what we remember and that causes problems in solving a case.

Another topic I’ve learned a lot about is Inattention blindness. Inattention blindness is when you are so focused on something, you fail to recognize the things around you. This also blows a hole in the eye witness testimony. Like the video that instructed the viewers to look for how many times the people with the white shirts passed the ball to one another and how most of the viewers were so focused they were completely oblivious to the giant gorilla that came into the room, danced and walked out. Our eyes may see everything but our brains don’t necessarily perceive it. And even sometimes, in cases like these, we may not even see what was right in front of us the whole time.

I feel like i’ve learned more in this class than i have in most of my other classes. The professor was funny and interactive. I wasn’t ever really bored. False memory was defiantly one of the more fun topics in this class. I enjoyed learning about it and writing about it. I enjoyed this class very much and hope to get the same professor for another psychology course. I think i’d defiantly learn a lot in whatever class i take where she is the professor because of the way she teaches.