All in general, everything I learned in Cognitive Psychology is important but the two concepts that I am really focus on is brain structure and function, as well as long term memory.  With brain structure and function, the human brain is truly a delicate structure.  I see it as the key structure in cognitive function. The most important part of the brain I find very important is the three main segments the human brain develops; which is the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain.  As a result of the three segments of the brain, we are able to sleep, swallow, respiration, hear, have bladder control, taste, walk, etc.  There are plenty of actions and movements that help us live our everyday lives because of the three segments.  The brain is the command center of our body functions and without the three brain segments we would not be alive.  It is just amazing how our brain is in control of our lives.  With long term memory, it is important to me because I can recall information, for instance; the information I have to remember for my finals.  Nevertheless, I have two beautiful kids that is 2yrs old (girl) and 5yrs old (boy).  It means everything to me that I can recall, how my pregnancy was, the labor pain that I was put through (lol), when I saw the smile on their face after I gave birth to them, all of their infants days, and the yelling I have to do every morning while getting them ready for school because my 2yr old likes to start fights with my 5yr old (lol). Without my long term memory, I would not remember anything about my two beautiful kids that drives me insane every day.  Some have problems remembering because there are problems with their brain but I am truly bless to see my kids wake up every morning and being able to remember everything about my babies.