Final post

Being my first semester as John Jay, this cognitive class has been a great opening way for me to enter my new journey. As a previous cognitive development psych major, I had a lot of experience in psych classes that are just focusing on child development and that’s all. It’s been really interesting learning about the research and hypothesis made on something other than children. Cognition really is a very difficult concept to study and grasp, although the way this material was presented to us by the professor was very motivating and interesting, making it easier to grasp concepts.

The most exciting material of the semester definitely was the ending (maybe I’m being biased since it includes cognitive development). Although what really was fun learning about was different culture perspectives on cognition and also the way we reason and make decisions. Living in New York we are exposed to the largest cross-culture environment in the world so we already know how different people can be, but learning about things like people counting differently was astonishing. I knew that Asian cultures had somewhat a different way of counting from my child development courses. (Asian children actually count much faster that western children). But learning that there are even more differences in a simple daily function such as counting within cultures is really cool.

Learning about the decision making process was also very informing. We all go about our life making decisions all day, every day and sometimes I either have a difficult time making a decision or I feel that my decisions are being made for me. Knowing what I know now, I know this is normal because at the end of the day I am ultimately making the decision. However, it is important to step back once in a while and evaluate whether you are making the better decisions based on your future goals.  I believe that taking a cognitive psychology course is actually something that is beneficial to our education foundation and should be a requirement for most majors.