Final Post

Cognitive Psychology has been a very interesting subject to study. My favorite part (besides the Professor’s jokes) is retrieving memories. I realized that there is a lot more involved in trying to remember things from the past than I originally thought. I finally figured out why I can’t remember things or if I even had those memories at all.

I noticed a lot about myself while working in the memory department of this subject. I realized that I do a lot of semantic confusions. I am forever mixing up words or phrases that mean similar things. Like Bahrick, I studied he Spanish language all through high school and college. Don’t ask me anything now because I didn’t practice it over the years, so it is buried somewhere in my memory. I am positive if someone says something to me in Spanish I can probably reach into that buried memories and pull out a small response back.

I learned how to use retrieval cues. This chapter has inspired me to download the brain testing Apps to make sure my memory is on point. I learned that they decay and I don’t want to forget the first time my son walked or the sound of my father’s voice before he passed away.

Because of this chapter, my studying has also improved. I am able to use different methods of remembering important information for those important test. Plus, I learned that it is ok to give myself a break and not overload myself in my studies because I won’t retain anything that way.

I would love for this semester to stay in my long term memory and I would like to remember Professor Hurson’s words when I am in another class. I know with my new techniques from this chapter, I will be able to hear her voice in my long term memory department telling me “remember the lesson on…”.

Memory is by far my favorite topic that can benefit me in the long run.