Our class discussion on intelligence was very interesting i believe that howard gardeners eight types of intelligence was definitely correct. There several forms of intellect that require a person to demonstrate understanding and be able to apply that understanding to a given task. I don’t not believe that a person is unintelligent if they cannot  perform multiple tasks from several areas of understanding like mathematics or interpersonal skills. However, i do believe that they to be of superior intellect you have to be well rounded in every form of intelligence and be able to apply it.


2 thoughts on “Intelligence

  1. I defiantly agree with this post. I may not be a A+ student across the board but I have knowledge in other places. I may not totally understand quantum physics but I can put in a light socket and a wall outlet. Overall that might help me out a little more in life.


  2. I agree with you post 100% and with the comment above me. I probably have no knowledge to mathematics, but english and history is my thing. I agree that people are unintelligent, we all are intelligent in our own ways.


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