What happens to our brain as we age?

Hey all

I found this video where Dr. Bob Berger discusses what is going on in our brain as we age and also what types of cognitive impairments happen. I’m sure we see this in our own lives with grandparents. I think we can better improve our cognition as we get older by exercising and doing brain puzzles. Both my grandparents are in their eighties and my grandma has such a sharp memory (better than me sometimes). Both my grandparents were physically active a few years back and I think that has contributed to my grandparents sharp brain.


One thought on “What happens to our brain as we age?

  1. I have to agree with you, if we exercise and keep our brains active we can improve it as we all get order. My grandmother had a sharp memory at at the age of 90. The only thing now in our modern world, children and young adults are surrounded by technology that dumbs them down. Back then there was no such thing as a calculator as math, and people were able to do math problem in their heads.


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