Why Women See Differently from What Men see?

I found this interesting study of mental rotation of 3D images and pencil-to-paper images. I find it interesting that men are able to mentally rotate 3d images quicker than females. They continued to study the difference is male in female within spatial navigation. Again, males tested better than females (which to me is odd because men tend to get lost more often driving and refuse to ask for directions). They also studied spatial navigation in sports. Guess who won that category too. There were some categories women dominated in like location of objects. Women were also better at verbal memory. The study goes on to explain other things but I will not give them away. Very interesting how sex differences are so different in visuospatial abilities.


One thought on “Why Women See Differently from What Men see?

  1. Great article. Very interesting to see the differences between the sexes. I actually know several women who drive and get directions better than their male counter parts. They are also great in sports and were always called ‘tom boys’. Wonder if they should have been men from birth. They both have only brothers as siblings.


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