Our cognitive styles depend heavily on our environment and the world in which we were brought up. This is linked with cross- cultural perception because each part of the world may view things in a different way. Think of the wide differences between the world of a New Yorker and that of a remote villager in the Himalayan mountains. A New Yorker’s perception of lines, colors, and distances will differ considerably from that of anyone else’s, simply due to the environment. This photo was shown in class and can be linked with this topic.



2 thoughts on “Cognition

  1. This was so interesting to me! At first, I thought they were arrows until the professor explained it. It’s crazy how perception varies based on cultures too.


  2. I agree with this post! At first when I saw those images in class and the professor asked which one was longer my mind played a trick in which I visually looked over to the one that had the arrows upside down. I knew they were both the same side but since our brain is already use to quickly analyzing images and picking one. Culturally we have been taught to do things quick and efficient and it’s easier to look at images or hear words knowing exactly what they mean before we are asked. Everyone perceives things differently and it’s based on the culture we are from.

    -Rosanna Reyes


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