Cultural Cognition

I thought our last lecture on culture perspective was interesting. I never really paid attention to how perception and cognition would vary by culture. One of the things that I wasn’t aware about was the fact that some places do not comprehend pictures as anything more than 2D. Another thing I found interesting was the fact that there are some parts in the world actually make their own language.


One thought on “Cultural Cognition

  1. I agree with this post, culture plays a huge role in how people interpret and perceive the world. It is shocking that some people don’t know more than 2D but each culture is different according to what we value and what we learn. Some of us are taught to think a certain way growing up and as we get older we have the ability to question things and see if we agree with what we are taught or we decide to believe and think another way.

    -Rosanna Reyes


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