Final Post

Cognitive Psychology is, I feel, the basis on which other branches of psychology rely on. In class we learned about many interesting topics, most of which left me feeling fascinated, but some of which had me feeling like ‘duh?’. The two most important concepts that grabbed my attention were Cross-cultural perspectives, and selective attention. The cross cultural perspective concept is extremely important because it describes how much our environment and surroundings have affected the way we think, behave, and view the world around us. These differences make us unique and completely alter our behavior and thought processes. I think this is important because it also brings attention to the fact that everyone maintains a different lifestyle, carries different beliefs, values and opinions. It gives solid proof as to why everyone is different. The selective attention concept was also very interesting to me. As a student of John Jay, the criminal justice system intrigues me, and so discovering that eyewitnesses are prone to make mistakes due to selective attention, makes this topic extremely important to me. It is interesting that the amount of attention we dedicate to certain things depend on our surroundings and emotions. Selective attention occurs when we do not pay attention to specific details, and when we are concentrated on other details. Victims in a crime have a harder time recalling the perpetrators features when threatened with a weapon. Feelings of fear and panic, combined with the presence of a weapon, draw our attention to our own survival and safety. After taking other psychology classes, I began to forget why I decided to major in Forensic Psychology, it began to feel boring and I lost interest, however, this course has captured my attention once again and inspired me to continue as a psych major.