Final Post

Overall, I found this class to be the most interesting one I’ve had to date. The content was informative and I think everything we’ve learned can be applied to everyday life. There were concepts that we went over that I compared to so many situations I’ve been in. For example, I never knew there was a theory for blocking out some parts of the things I learn (schema theory). Another thing I liked about this class was that it made me realize that there are a lot of situations that our class go through that are similar.

One concept that I think was most important to me was the spacing effect. The spacing effect was repeating things to remember them better. I thought this was important because personally, I am horrible with remembering things. I try many different things to remember as much as I can, however it always slips my mind. I think that by me trying the spacing effect, I’d be able to remember information and study better. I have little or no techniques for studying so it becomes hard to remember everything. This is something I can work on and take with me beyond this class.

Another concept I thought was important was the Attenuation theory. This is the idea that unattended messages aren’t completely blocked before processed for meaning. Some things have a higher threshold than others, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that things that aren’t important are forgotten. This was important because it made me realize that there are things I would know, it just is in a lower threshold than things that are a little more important.